Tip of the Week for 4/29/13

“My Favorite Searches” Widget

Want to save time with searches? Add your most frequently used searches to the “My Favorite Searches” widget in the Matrix. Once you execute your search with the appropriate criteria, click on the “Save” button and then the “New Saved Search” button at the bottom left of the page. Now you can create a name for your search — in the example below we used, “Active Lake Fronts in Brainerd.”

Once you’ve named the search, check the box to “Enable as Favorite Search on Home tab,” and then click “Save.” Your search will not be added to the widget if the box left is unchecked. You will also find this option under “Settings” when you’re setting up an auto email.

You can keep up to 10 searches saved in your “My Favorite Searches.” Easily modify, update or delete your favorite searches by clicking “Manage.” Clicking on “Update All” will refresh all of your “My Favorite Searches” and will tell you how many New listings have been added to your searches since the last time you’ve accessed them.

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