Contingencies Added to Listing History

You may have noticed that we added a new category to Listing History: Contingencies.

By popular request, any time a listing has a Contingency added or removed, a line of history is added to the “History” pop-up window (accessible next to CDOM on the Property Full displays).

Each Contingency type has its own code:

C-3RDPA: Third Party Approval
C-APPRE: Application Received (Rentals)
C-INSPE: Inspection
C-RESCI: Subject to Statutory Rescission
C-SOAP: Sale of Another Property
C-BUMP: Bump Clause (Wisconsin listings only)
C-XBUMP: No Bump Clause (Wisconsin listings only)
C-OTHER: Other
C-NONE: None

We hope you find this additional information helpful.

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