Tip of the Week for 6/16

Tip of the Week
Auto Email Reverse Prospect Check Box

If you’ve worked with a buyer, then you’ve likely set up an Auto Email through NorthstarMLS Matrix. But did you know about the Reverse Prospecting feature of Auto Emails?

It allows listing agents to see who may be interested in their sellers’ listings. Reverse prospecting gives listing agents contact information for the agents who have client Auto Emails with search criteria that match their listings. Only the buyer’s rep agent name and contact information (not the client’s) will be displayed as a Reverse Prospecting match. Maybe the property has an upcoming price reduction or recent remodeling that the list agent wants to share with you — it can be a great way to help find a match for your buyer.

Each time you set up an Auto Email, the “Make available for Reverse Prospecting” checkbox is checked by default. If you want to opt out of Reverse Prospecting for your Auto Emails, you must uncheck the box for each Auto Email you set up.

Please respect your fellow agents and use courtesy when you receive a Reverse Prospecting email that you’re opted into, as it’s not intended to be spam.

Do you want more information on how Reverse Prospecting works for the listing agent? Tune in for next Monday’s tip of the week for details!

If you have any questions, contact the NorthstarMLS Help Desk (651-251-5456 or toll free 1-877-251-5455).

Thanks to Jenna Sanford of Keller Williams Integrity NW (Elk River) for submitting her Tip of the Week question on ‘using Reverse Prospecting’. Jenna will receive
a $30 Caribou Coffee gift card for her submission!

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