Instanet Forms Folders Change

On Monday, there will be several changes made to the forms folders in Instanet.

All Minnesota State forms are currently available in folders created by the Minnesota Association of Realtors. Those folders are labeled: MN Residential Forms, MN Commercial Forms, MN Miscellaneous Forms and MN 2013 Forms. Those folders will remain the same along with the NorthstarMLS and Fannie Mae folders.

The folders labeled for specific types of transactions, such as Residential Listings (MN), will be removed. No individual forms will be removed, just these folders with duplicate copies that have been causing confusion.

Wisconsin forms will be available in folders labeled WI Residential Forms and WI Commercial Forms. (Note: these are the same limited selection of WI forms we have now. The Wisconsin State Association does not license their forms for use in Instanet.)

If you have certain types of transactions you do frequently that require the same forms, we recommend you create your own Quick Start groups of forms or forms templates. If you need help, check out our 7-minute video.

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