Tip of the Week for 4/28

Tip of the Week
Where to Find NorthstarMLS News

When breaking NorthstarMLS news happens, or products and new features are added to your service. Do you feel like you’re the last person to know? It doesn’t have to be that way. There are many ways you can get information about news, changes and additions to your MLS service.

We realize your time is valuable so we try to keep our announcements easily readable and as brief as possible, but some require more content and links to other documents or media than others. Keeping up with NorthstarMLS news and product update information will help you stay on top of your game as a broker, agent or appraiser and be trusted as the “expert” by your clients.

Here are the best ways to stay in the loop with NorthstarMLS and our core services:

Matrix Home Screen
Always read (or at least browse) any News that pops up on your screen when you login to NorthstarMLS Matrix. The Matrix News section (upper left of Home Screen) is the primary communication channel for any news related to NorthstarMLS, including updates and changes to core services, new products, webinar dates, MLS rules, system maintenance or downtime, etc.

NorthstarMLS Blog & Archive
Do you ever need to refer back to a piece of NorthstarMLS news that isn’t on the Matrix news screen anymore? Most of our announcements stay up and are accessible for 2-3 weeks on the Matrix News Screen before we take them off. If you ever need to find a past announcement to refer back to, visit the NorthstarMLS Blog and News Archive. This is where you’ll find categorized and archived NorthstarMLS Matrix News content from the past few years (2012-present).

Use the ‘Categories’ and ‘Tag Cloud’ to easily find the topic you’re looking for, such as ‘Tip of the Week’ or ‘NorthstarMLS Matrix’. Bookmark the NorthstarMLS Blog & News Archive for easy access. You can also access it through links on the Matrix Home screen — in the External Links widget, or by hovering over the ‘Home’ tab and clicking ‘News Archive’. Check out the NorthstarMLS Blog and News Archive now!

Social Media
If you Like or Follow us on social media, you’ll find the latest NorthstarMLS news, announcements, videos, pictures, humor, links to articles and other relevant material related to the real estate industry that you might not find here on the Matrix news screen. When you Like and Follow us on social media, you’ll gain access to exclusive Facebook and Twitter contests with chances to win gift cards, an interactive way to stay connected with other NorthstarMLS users and much more!

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Lights, Camera, Action – NorthstarMLS Videos
Need a little extra guidance on the NorthstarMLS system? Check out our online video library! With just minutes of your time, you can now go online to quickly learn how to use Instanet, Realist, Infosparks and other NorthstarMLS® core services. Watch one of our previous webinars, view a brief video tip and more. View them on your own time, anytime, anywhere – with an internet connection, of course. Check out our Video library on the NorthstarMLS YouTube Channel. Be the first to know when we’ve posted a new video by subscribing to our channel.

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