Tip of the Week for 3/17

Discover Twin Homes

Whether your buyer is looking for a townhome or a house, don’t forget about Twin Homes. With current low inventories, Twin Homes offer an affordable alternative. Over 200 are Active on NorthstarMLS and can be found anywhere from Minneapolis/St. Paul to greater Minnesota.

What is a Twin Home?
A common confusion is listing a Twin Home as a townhouse. Twin Homes can often look like a townhouse or duplex and do have a shared common wall with your neighbor, but the main difference is ownership. A twin home has an individual owner who has rights and responsibilities for their own side and lot.

NorthstarMLS defines a Twin Home as, zero lot line ownership, double side by side. May have a home owner association. Common wall agreement necessary as part of purchase agreement. Duplex.net says, twin homes are half-homes with a lot line landing between the two homes. In most cases, the homeowner can renovate or repair their half of the twin home however they wish, or there may be some basic restrictions in the deed.

How to find Twin Homes
They are easily overlooked. If you are selecting specific Styles in your search and don’t select Twin Homes, you won’t know what you’re missing. When selecting Styles, be sure to include “(TW) Twin Home” (just below the Townhouse styles) or click the “All Twin Homes (TW)” check box.

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