Infosparks Improvements

Our colleagues at 10K Research are releasing several improvements to the Infosparks market analytics tool tonight (Thursday night).

Improvements to custom ranges:

  • CUSTOM is now underlined when a custom range is in use.
  • Users can now take any of the dynamically automated ranges as a starting point and edit them. (Infosparks-defined ranges are not editable themselves since they are automated, but they can be used as a guide for user-defined ranges.)
  • Only the numbers keyboard will be shown for custom ranges defined on mobile devices.
  • Inputs will ignore end values if they are lower than start values.
  • No values will display if non-numeric characters are entered.

Improvement to sharing PDFs:

  • Users now have a “Download” button on the share dialogue for PDF and CSV files. ( Downloaded PDF and CSV files are static only. Links are live, downloaded files are not.)

Upgrades to image quality:

  • Users’ images are now uploaded at a higher resolution – improving the quality of PDF images.

Improved visuals, descriptions and element usage:

  • User-defined areas will have an asterisk (*) next to the name of the area in the descriptive text under charts.
  • Bug fixes with single/multi filter button in the upper right corner next to the question mark (visible when multiple areas are in play).
  • Tool icons will now display in browser tabs and favorites/bookmarks.
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