Important Instanet Announcement

Instanet is rolling out its improved forms editor (called InstanetForms2Go) to replace the current Adobe Reader based “Classic” version on all platforms, including Internet Explorer and Firefox for PC. InstanetForms2Go (IF2Go) is faster, has better features and eliminates the bugs and technical issues associated with Adobe Reader.

Those of you using the Chrome Web browser, a Mac, or any mobile device for Instanet have already been using IF2Go for some time. If you use Internet Explorer or Firefox on a Windows PC, you now have the IF2Go editor for all NorthstarMLS listing input forms.

Starting Friday, February 21, we will transition to IF2Go on all forms for all browser platforms. Those of you still using the Adobe Reader-based Instanet “Classic” (on Internet Explorer or Firefox for PC), will see a banner in Instanet Forms “Classic.” You will be able to click on the banner and use IF2Go, as soon as that banner is available on Friday, February 21st. You can also switch back to “Classic” if you want, for now, until we make the full transition.

Watch Overview Video (2 minutes, 21 seconds)
(Note: we are working on a short new webinar to cover IF2Go in more detail.)

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