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Combined History Tab in Matrix 360

With NorthstarMLS Matrix 360, you can view both the MLS and Public Records history of a listing — without having to open Realist separately!  Our quick video below shows you how it works. Give it a view!  NorthstarMLS Matrix 360

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MLS Field Updates

NorthstarMLS has released some additional options for existing data fields, and several new fields. These changes are detailed below. These are all improvements and accommodations for continued expansion of our coverage area. These changes are available now in our Add/Edit

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Flood Map Tab in Matrix 360

In a recent Matrix 360 video tip, we showed you how the Parcel Map tab right within the full property display in Matrix 360 works. You can also use the new Flood Map tab to show your client precisely where

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Get Mailing Labels from a Listings Search

We recently showed you how to print mailing labels from a public records search directly within Matrix 360. Today, we show you how you can also get mailing labels for your MLS listings search results. (Or maybe you want an easier way to

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Enhanced Printing Features in Matrix 360

With NorthstarMLS Matrix 360 (released last month), you’ll find some great new printing options and displays once you’ve ran a search in Matrix.   Our quick 80-second video below highlights the great new printing features that you’ll find in Matrix 360. Give it a view!  NorthstarMLS Matrix 360 Videos On

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“FIND” is now Professional Search

The National listings search tool, FIND (from Move, Inc.), has been integrated into NorthstarMLS Matrix for years. Move Inc. (also owner of has recently switched FIND over to its Professional Search. The main reason for this change is

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Printing Mailing Labels in Matrix 360

With NorthstarMLS Matrix 360 (released last month), you’ll find some great new time-saving printing options, including the ability to print mailing labels for your next marketing campaign directly from a Public Records search in Matrix.  Our quick 90-second video below walks you

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Like Maps? Try Parcel Maps in Matrix 360!

We hope you’re enjoying Matrix 360, which was released last month and is available to all NorthstarMLS subscribers. A cool new feature with this release is the addition of the Parcel Map tab. These interactive maps allow you to switch between map and

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Search Public Records with Matrix 360

We hope you're enjoying Matrix 360, which was released earlier this month. A great new feature with this release is the ability to search Public Records right in Matrix – without having to open Realist separately like you did in

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Updated Minnesota Realtors Forms Use Policy

As you may be aware, the Minnesota Association of Realtors recently updated its Forms Use Policy. Because those forms are accessed through the Instanet link here in Matrix, we want to share this link to the full policy and a