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Not Tech Savvy? TLC Was Built for You

TLC, or True Lifestyle Cost, helps the technically challenged help home buyers search and compare homes based on a home’s total estimated costs, including commuting expenses, utility bills, day care services and more. All you have to do to create

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TLC Takes the Fear Out of ‘Big Data’

TLC – True Lifestyle Cost – an exciting core service from NorthstarMLS, uses Big Data to help you show home buyers the true cost of homeownership. TLC taps the most trusted and up-date data sources to provide a solid benchmark

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Narrowing Home Search One Variable at a Time

TLC or True Lifestyle Cost, uses 31 variables, including commuting, parking, gas, car insurance, child-care costs and more to let you help buyers search for and compare homes based on their true total costs. “TLC helps buyers narrow their search.”

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Two homes – same price – which one’s better?

Two homes have the same features and same price, but which one is better for your buyer? That’s a pretty subjective question, right? Not if you add a little TLC into the equation. True Lifestyle Cost – an exciting core

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Hidden Car Costs Can Impact Your Buyers

Car costs: It’s typically the second biggest expense home buyers encounter, and until recently it’s largely been a hidden expense. TLC or True Lifestyle Cost, an exciting core service from NorthstarMLS, helps you show consumers a calculation of their estimated

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Why Your Clients Need TLC

Would you let a surgeon operate on you if she only had half the information? Yet today’s homebuyers typically focus on their loan total monthly payment, and that can be less than half their home costs. Give your buyers TLC

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TLC: A Whole New Way to Home Search

TLC: A Whole New Way to Home Search Have you tried adding a little TLC to your business? TLC, or True Lifestyle Cost, is a whole new way to home search. TLC is based on total homeownership costs. It goes

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Learn TLC in Just 45 Minutes!

Add a Little TLC to your Home Search! True Lifestyle Cost (TLC) is a NorthstarMLS core service that helps you factor many variables above and beyond PMI to estimate a client’s true cost of home ownership.  With Spring market in

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NorthstarMLS in National News

John Mosey, NorthstarMLS president and CEO, was quoted in a recent article by U.S. News & World Report. The article titled “How to Begin Investing in Real Estate,” also mentions Down Payment Resource and True Lifestyle Cost (TLC), two core

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“TLC” for Valentine’s Day & Beyond

The latest NorthstarMLS core service, True Lifestyle Cost (TLC) is getting national attention again with a Valentine’s Day twist. So far we have seen coverage of this “love your home” angle in Reuter’s, the Boston Globe and this one on Yahoo Finance (read why

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