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Have you worked with a client that is in the market for energy-efficient features in a home? You’re probably not alone if you answered “yes.” Consumers want to live in homes that are friendly to the environment and their wallet at the same time. Energy features play a key role in making a home an enjoyable and affordable place to live. Homes that are drafty, cold in the winter, hot …

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Tip of the Week – Energy Efficient Fields It’s officially fall, which means winter is not too far behind. “What are some of the energy-efficient features available in homes today?,” is a question you may be increasingly likely to be asked. Since 2013, NorthstarMLS has had energy efficiency fields, such as Green Certification and HERS Score. But did you know there are also several energy-efficient features in the …

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Energy Efficiency Fields Have a listing that meets energy efficiency standards? Last summer we introduced two new data fields: HERS Score and Green Certification. These fields can be found in Add/Edit when entering a new listing. If a listing has a HERS score, enter the numeric score in the text box. To indicate a listing having Green Certification, chose ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ from the drop down. These fields …

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