With Fall season here, showings are on the rise and so are complaints about rules violations (such as entering a listing without an appointment) and serious etiquette violations (such as failing to lock the door when you and your client leave). We thought it a good time for a reminder for all of us about the importance of following showing rules and etiquette.

While this is not an official or complete list, our infographic illustrates some common showing etiquette behaviors that you can share with your office or team members. 

Etiquette Quick Tips: 

  • Be on time
  • If the showing gets canceled or postponed, let the listing office know immediately so the seller can be contacted
  • View the home together with your potential buyer — avoid letting them roam the home by themselves
  • Never allow buyers to enter a property unaccompanied
  • Leave your business card in the house after the showing as a courtesy to the seller
  • Make sure you’ve confirmed the showing so you or your clients are not waiting or turned away
  • Use your own lockbox or e-key to open the property for a showing
  • Take your shoes off before you start the showing — a good sign of respect to the current homeowner
  • Honor the listing agent’s relationship with the seller and encourage the seller to direct all questions to his or her agent
  • Have a listing sheet ready with all the info of the property for buyers to easily refer back to
  • Respect you client by limiting your use of cell phones or computers to the business a hand
  • Don’t allow anyone to eat, drink, smoke, dispose of trash or bring pets into the property
  • Double check that all doors & windows are locked before you leave the property
  • Report any problems with the property to the Listing Agent

The video below offers showing etiquette tips that we’ve received from agents, along with some plain common sense, to help ensure a pleasant house hunting experience. Give it a view if you have two minutes – you might get a chuckle!

(Pictured Above: RMLS was officially signed into contract by then Board Chair, Mike Muske)

It was 30 years ago today (Nov. 6, 1987) that our first contract was signed with Moore Data for RealTrieve MLS, forming RMLS (Regional Multiple Listing Service of MN). RMLS is still our legal company name, but in 2001, we started doing business as NorthstarMLS. The real estate industry and NorthstarMLS have come a long way in 30 years. Technology has advanced exponentially. But at its core, NorthstarMLS continues to make the market work by fostering cooperation among competitors, and providing fast, reliable access to the highest quality data, tools and resources. These add value to your lives by helping you be more efficient and elevating your value to consumers. As a service-based organization, our success is shared with our Subscribers, Board of Directors and Shareholder Associations! Thank You from all of us at NorthstarMLS! 
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NorthstarMLS is honored to announce that it has been named a finalist for an Inman Innovator Award — in the category of Most Innovative MLS or Association.

The Inman Innovator Awards are given each year to recognize and celebrate industry innovation and accomplishments. The winners will be announced at the Innovator Bash on August 4, 2016, at 8 p.m. at Inman Connect in San Francisco.

Who Qualifies?
Per Inman, “In some cases, a specific app, technology or business process qualifies someone for consideration. In other cases, the company as a whole consistently tries new things, adopts new technology or creates a new culture or approach to real estate.”

See the full list of Inman Innovator Finalists here.

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We are excited to announce the launch of our updated website! NorthstarMLS.com is now easier to use on a wide range of devices and screen sizes.

You’ll still find the same content, documentation and resources, but a better responsive design touch has been added so that the site automatically adjusts content for better viewing on desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones. In addition:

  • We now have the ability to post a message at the top of the NorthstarMLS.com homepage in the event there is urgent news, such as an unexpected system outage.
  • Our site is now hosted externally, so should something happen internally to our servers here at NorthstarMLS, the NorthstarMLS.com website will still be up and running.

If you have any questions about the new website, please contact the NorthstarMLS Help Desk at 651-251-5456 (or toll free 1-877-251-5455), or email help@northstarmls.com.

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Annual Survey Results Are In

We recently completed our 10th annual Service Quality Index Survey of NorthstarMLS subscribers. I look at the Survey results as NorthstarMLS’s most valuable management tool for helping us be a better provider of support for your businesses.

We not only look at the ratings in terms of trending (good and not as good as we want), but we read all of the comments that so many of you take the time to write, and use these to add context and texture to the actual numbers. Combined, these insights direct our activities so that we can increase our value to our customers by doing things that matter to you.

This is my opportunity to thank all of those who responded to the survey and to say we’re a better MLS because of you.

Please take a couple minutes to watch the video recap of the results. You can let us know your thoughts and suggestions any time of year by messaging us at help@northstarmls.com.

John Mosey

President & CEO, NorthstarMLS

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Tip of the Week – NorthstarMLS Core Services

Did you know that there are over 20 NorthstarMLS Core Services? These are the applications and services that are included with your MLS fees at no additional charge — which include Matrix, Realist, BookAShowing, Add/Edit, Infosparks and more.

You can view all NorthstarMLS Core Services here

Additional Tools & Services
NorthstarMLS® contracts with a number of 3rd party vendors who provide additional value-add services to NorthstarMLS users. NorthstarMLS provides a data feed to these vendors. They incorporate the data into their products and market them to NorthstarMLS users for an additional fee. Click here to see a list of all the vendors who currently have a data feed.

Please Note: NorthstarMLS does not endorse any of these products/services, nor do we provide technical support for them. We enable their use in our market through the MLS data feed. Purchase of any of these additional tools is your business decision. Contact them directly to learn more about and purchase their products.

Need a little Extra Guidance of the NorthstarMLS System?
Check out the NorthstarMLS YouTube Channel! You can go online quickly learn how to use some of the NorthstarMLS® core services, and even learn some tips and tricks for them.

Submit Your Own Tip! Do you have a question that you would like to see featured a Tip of the Week? Or maybe you have your own tip you would like to share with other NorthstarMLS users. Send your question or idea to tips@northstarmls.com. We will use one submission each month and the winner will receive a $30 Caribou Coffee gift card!

Tips On Demand Want to check out older Tip of the Week topics? Click here to view an archive of previous Tip of the Week entries.

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On July 29, Microsoft plans to release Windows 10 as a free upgrade to its operating system.  This Windows upgrade will include Internet Explorer 11 (IE11), which is the same version of Internet Explorer included with Windows 8 and is compatible with NorthstarMLS Matrix. You will not have issues with Matrix if you upgrade to Windows 10 and continue to use IE11.

Windows 10 also includes a brand new browser called “Edge.” While you can use Edge with Matrix, it is new development code that Microsoft will continue to adjust, and therefore it could cause issues. We recommend that you continue to use IE11 with all NorthstarMLS systems until Microsoft stabilizes the new Edge browser.

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As announced by your REALTOR Associations, the Minnesota MLS data share organization SASI’s data vendor contract ended April 30.

We are pleased to announce that the participating REALTOR Associations now have an alternative method for sharing MLS listings with offers of compensation included. This sharing is available through the Find application, available to you as a NorthstarMLS core service.

Association listings currently available through Find are the Duluth Area Association of Realtors and the Realtors Association of Southern Minnesota (Mankato).

Other Association MLS listings that will be added soon are: West Central (Willmar), Greater Alexandria, Northwest Minnesota (Bemidji), Lakes Region (Fergus Falls) and Southeast Minnesota (Rochester). We will update you as these become available.

As of now, members of these Associations can view NorthstarMLS listing reports (including the offer of compensation) in Find.

To access Find, select it from the External Links box here on the Matrix home screen:

Within Find, search your desired area, for example Duluth. On the listing detail pages, you will find a link like this:

Click the link to open an MLS report that includes the offer of compensation.

We understand this solution is not as convenient as being able to search and view the listings directly within NorthstarMLS, but we are pleased to be able to offer it as an alternative (to having nothing) to help you do business in Minnesota across the arbitrary boundaries between MLS’s.

For help using Find, open the Find application and click the Help link in the upper left corner of the screen:

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WebsiteRedesignWe are excited to announce the launch of our redesigned website [NorthstarMLS.com] on Tuesday, Jan. 21! You’ll still find the same content, documentation and other resources you’re accustomed to, but the site has been rebuilt with a responsive design to provide a platform that automatically adjusts content for better viewing on desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones.

Like many websites, when you viewed NorthstarMLS.com on a phone or tablet in the past, the words, links and menus were too small, and it was frustrating to zoom and scroll your way around the site. With the help of responsive web design, a new approach to building websites, NorthstarMLS.com is now easier to use on a wide range of devices and screen sizes.

If you have any questions about our website, please contact the NorthstarMLS Help Desk at 651-251-5456 (or toll free 1-877-251-5455), or email help@northstarmls.com.

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