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Tip of the Week for 12/12

Notify Seller When a Showing is Finished If you have not yet downloaded the ShowingTime app to your smartphone, here is another benefit. The ShowingTime app makes it easy for agents to inform homeowners when they are done with their

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Calendar View in ShowingTime

ShowingTime recently added Calendar View, the most requested BookAShowing feature. To view your calendar, select “Appointment Calendar” from the My Appointments drop-down menu at the top of the ShowingTime screen. At the top of the calendar, select your view: month,

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Tip of the Week for 9/19

Tip of the Week — ShowingTime Knowledge Base Still adjusting to the new ShowingTime system? They have an excellent support section with how-to articles and quick videos. This video shows you how to access and use the support system in

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Set Appointment Length in ShowingTime

One of the most popular improvement requests we’ve had is the ability to control your own default setting for appointment lengths (and type). With ShowingTime’s recent update, now you can. Watch the video below (under 1-minute!) and see how: Click

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ShowingTime Updates

Last night, ShowingTime released four of its most popularly requested enhancements: Set your preferred appointment length default. Set your preferred appointment type default. (For both of the above, go to “Edit My Profile” from the far right drop-down menu, then scroll down to the Showing

ShowingTime Suggestions

How Can ShowingTime Make Its Scheduling System Better? Have you had a chance to use ShowingTime yet? Do you have ideas for how it could be better? Are there features that were in BookAShowing that you miss? Let ShowingTime know

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ShowingTime is Live

ShowingTime is now live as the showing scheduling system for NorthstarMLS (replacing BookAShowing which was purchased and discontinued by ShowingTime). All of your preferences and history have been imported over from BookAShowing. You can access it through the Home tab

ShowingTime Transition Tonight

BookAShowing will be taken offline and unavailable tonight shortly after 9:00 p.m. ShowingTime will be activated in its place at approximately 7am Tuesday morning. You will not be able to schedule showings or access your showing schedule during this overnight

Are You Ready for ShowingTime on Tuesday?!

ShowingTime Goes Live on NorthstarMLS on Tuesday, May 3 — less than four days from today!  On Tuesday, May 3, 2016, NorthstarMLS will be moving from BookAShowing to ShowingTime for its online showing scheduling solution. As we announced last fall,

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In-Person ShowingTime Training

Live In-Person Training for ShowingTime Begins May 4-5  Updated with St. Paul location and session schedule  Do you prefer to learn in-person, classroom style training, rather than online webinar training? Then please join us starting May 4-5 for in-person training on