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Tip of the Week for 3/23

Tip of the Week – Rolling 12 Month Because of their volatile nature, stats based on small geographic areas can appear distorted. Provide your clients with a realistic picture of smaller markets by adjusting for seasonality and small sample sizes.

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Tip of the Week for 1/5

Tip of the Week – Variables in Infosparks Variables in Infosparks allow users to more accurately examine unique segments of markets and tease out specific market messages. All variables are set to the “All” category by default, but unique variable

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Tip of the Week for 11/24

Tip of the Week – Compare Up To Four Areas At Once with Infosparks (Click image above to see a larger version in a new window) Did you know that you can compare up to four different geographic areas at

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Tip of the Week for 9/8

Tip of the Week – Share Local Data with Infosparks Regional data is great for highlighting general real estate trends. But to get a truly local perspective, use the many available area filters (including neighborhoods and school districts) or draw

Tip of the Week for 6/30

Tip of the Week Market Metric: DOM & CDOM with Infosparks Learn what the metric Days on Market is really telling you and how to use it to your advantage! The What: DOM measures the number of days from the

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Tip of the Week for 6/2

Tip of the Week Get Immediate Stats from InfosparksĀ  Grab must-know information as needed with Infosparks. Data is updated daily with the most current stats and trends available from the MLS. A lot of stats are released monthly or quarterly

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Infosparks Final Transition to New Version

Last Fall we introduced a new version of Infosparks (statistical analysis tool), which was made the default version in early March. Starting this Thursday, May 15, only the new version will be available (old version will be removed). The bar

Tip of the Week for 4/7

Access Infosparks with Mobile Devices Impress clients by generating easy-to-read stats on the fly. Whether it’s on your tablet, smart phone or phablet, use the mobile-ready Infosparks to pull up relevant stats that can help to: Provide context at a

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Infosparks Improvements

Our colleagues at 10K Research are releasing several improvements to the Infosparks market analytics tool tonight (Thursday night). Improvements to custom ranges: CUSTOM is now underlined when a custom range is in use. Users can now take any of the

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Infosparks Switch to New Version

For those of you who regularly use the Infosparks market analytics tool, hopefully you are now using the new version released last Fall. We will switch over exclusively to this version the week of March 10. This improved version includes

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