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Tip of the Week for 2/4

Create Your Own Real Estate Year in Review Did you know that you can create your own real estate year in review with InfoSparks (a NorthstarMLS core service) to share with your clients, sphere of influence and others in the

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Tip of the Week for 11/27

Tip of the Week – Broker Marketing With Stats Brokers can use Infosparks to have regular discussions about market stats and ways to make the most of the data. Analyze trends together in order to identify new and niche markets during

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Tip of the Week for 8/21

Tip of the Week – NorthstarMLS Core Service Support Info Looking for contact info for any of the core services available in NorthstarMLS Matrix? The NorthstarMLS Help Desk is always available 8am to 5pm, Monday through Friday to answer your system questions or walk

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Infosparks Google Maps Enhancement

Infosparks, the interactive analytic tool and NorthstarMLS core service, will be relying on Google maps for the My Areas mapping utility beginning today! Functionality in Google maps will be similar to Bing maps. Users will have the same features, with

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Did You Know?

Infosparks Metric Spotlight: Months’ Supply of Inventory Months’ Supply of Inventory (MSI) is a calculation that quantifies the relationship between supply and demand in a housing market. If new homes stopped entering the market, how many months would it take

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Tip of the Week for 1/23

Tip of the Week: Agent Marketing with Stats Have you tried Infosparks to create and share market activity in your area? It’s a NorthstarMLS core service that’s handy for reviewing up-to-date market stats, creating information-rich graphics and more, using NorthstarMLS

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Tip of the Week for 8/8

Tip of the Week — Using Max in Infosparks Meet Max. Max goes back a loooong way. Like as far back as there is reliable data. Infosparks defaults to a 3-year historical view of the market, because most answers can

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Tip of the Week for 6/13

Tip of the Week – Functional “My Areas” in Infosparks Let’s say you have a buyer that wants an Edina address but the income just isn’t quite lining up with that desire. What can you do? Infosparks can help you

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Tip of the Week for 9/28

Tip of the Week – NorthstarMLS Core Services Did you know that there are over 20 NorthstarMLS Core Services? These are the applications and services that are included with your MLS fees at no additional charge — which include Matrix,

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Tip of the Week for 7/20

Tip of the Week – Custom Ranges in Infosparks Most values are predefined, but you can customize your own values for some variables. When generic ranges for price or square footage just won’t get the job done, use the CUSTOM

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