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Past 30 Days in Add/Edit

We recently announced several Add/Edit updates — including a redesigned and easier-to-use drop-down list for sorting your results. These were all based on user requests/feedback.  Previously, the default display showed all of your listings, sorted by most "Recently Edited." But because of slow

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Add/Edit System Updates

We are pleased to announce these Add/Edit updates, all based on user requests/feedback. For more details, check out our Add/Edit Help Guide. Improved home screen navigation. Rather than the series of different links running across the top, we have organized

Add/Edit Photo Captions

By popular demand, we recently made a change to our Add/Edit system where all photo uploads automatically have the photo filename as the photo caption. Also by popular demand, we now have a way for you to quickly clear those

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Add/Edit Unavailable at 9pm

The NorthstarMLS Add/Edit system will be unavailable for about 30 minutes starting tonight at 9:00pm. We need the downtime to release several new enhancements, including: Larger maximum file size for both photos and supplements (up to 20 MB each). When

Tip of the Week for 5/6

Tip of the Week – Accessibility Features in Matrix If you’re searching for suitable homes for buyers with disabilities, it can be a tricky task. The CDC estimates that one in four U.S. adults – 61 million Americans – have a disability.

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Tip of the Week for 4/29

Tip of the Week – Add/Edit Teams Videos Now Available  If you want to learn more about how Teams work in the new-look NorthstarMLS Add/Edit system, check out our three tutorial videos below that will help you get started. The way

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New Add/Edit System

The final components of our new Add/Edit system are now LIVE (listing input, edit, copy and search). These have the same look and feel of the previously released media, open houses, and team functions. A couple things to note: On the

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Add/Edit Final Release and Downtime

The NorthstarMLS Add/Edit system will be unavailable Monday night, November 5, from 11:00pm until 3:00am Tuesday morning. During this time, we are releasing the final components of our newly designed Add/Edit system: Listing input, edit, copy and search. This will

New & Improved Data Fields

The final piece of our Add/Edit system (listing input and search) is coming the week of November 5. Included with that release will be new data fields and new options under existing fields. Many of these are to accommodate our

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Teams on NorthstarMLS

The latest component of the Add/Edit system to be refreshed with our redesign is Teams. The way Teams work on NorthstarMLS has not changed, but the refresh makes them easier to manage. Would you like to know more about setting

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