Matrix Client Portal Search is Here!

The Matrix Client Portal client search feature (announced a couple weeks ago), is now LIVE. This allows your clients to conduct their own searches right within their own Portal. And, through Matrix, you can monitor any searches they save, opening opportunity for further dialog with your clients. Watch our quick 4-minute video to see how it works, including how to set yourself to be notified (email or text) whenever your client saves a new search. Your clients’ portals have a “Help?” link in the upper right corner where they can access a 4-minute video and quick PDF guide on how to use their Portal, including this new search feature.

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Matrix Client Portal Search Coming Soon!

The Matrix Client Portal will soon have a new feature that will allow your clients to conduct their own searches right within their own Portal. And, through Matrix, you will be able to monitor any searches they save, opening opportunity for further dialog with your clients. This new feature will be released Tuesday evening May 12th, but we want to let you know about it now so you are prepared. Watch our quick 4-minute video to see how it will work.

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Graphiq “data visualizations” are now available to view in the Matrix client portal. You and your clients will find them on the property detail screens on the right side, just below the property map. The added data and knowledge from these visualizations include:
  • Walk IQ/Drive IQ: Scores the walkability and drivability of the location compared to other homes across the country.
  • Schools: public and private schools in the area, including ratings for public schools and student:teacher ratios or private schools.
  • Real Estate Market Trends Overview: Market health score and home price index.
  • Home Ownership Overview: Rent vs Own, fuel costs, costs of ownership.
Source of the data: For details on where the data comes from for each of these, click the “Show details” link at the bottom of the data visualization box. Example:
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Last night, our Matrix vendor released an update that fixed the listings sort in the Client Portal. Before the fix, if you had a search with geocodes (lat/lon) in your search criteria, usually from a map search, the new and updated listings were not sorting to the top of the list. This has been corrected. We apologize for the delay. The issue was more complex than they expected.

We continue to work with the vendor on ways to better integrate the old single line display into the new client portal and will let you know when we have updates.

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The most significant update to NorthstarMLS Matrix 7.0 (which is now live), are the redesigned Client Portal displays. With Responsive Design, the new Client Portal will automatically adjust to optimally display listings on your client’s device.

Though many other MLS’s using Matrix completely eliminated their previous portal displays, NorthstarMLS insisted that they retain our previous portal displays too (though they are not responsive design). The “three dots icon” can be hidden if the user is holding their mobile phone vertically. Tilting the device to landscape view (best for viewing the single line display) will reveal the three dots icon for selecting those additional display options.

The animation below demonstrates how this works. Tapping on the three dots, highlighted in the red box, will open more display options to pick from.

Note: Users viewing listings in the Client Portal from an iPad or tablet should not encounter this, as the screen is larger than a mobile phone and is able to show more on the screen. Displays such as the Portal Single Line display are going to be best viewed on a desktop/laptop, but will work on a mobile device. However, this display does not support responsive design.

Client Portal Tutorial Video
Share our new and updated NorthstarMLS Client Portal video with your active clients.

Matrix Version 7.0 is now live. If you missed our announcements leading up to the release, check out this summary of the new features.

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Tip of the Week – Matrix Hit Counters

Ever wondered how many people are viewing your listings via the MLS? You can find out by using Hit Counters. Matrix Hit Counters can be a great way to see what kind of activity your sellers’ listings are getting with potential buyers through Matrix Client Portals.

This video will walk you through how Hit Counters work in under two minutes:

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Earlier this week, we announced improvements to the Client Portal, including improved displays. Those improvements are now in place.  The Portal works basically the same, so your clients do not need to re-learn it. Most of the changes are cosmetic.

If you haven’t already watched, take a moment to watch our five minute tutorial video. You can share this video with your clients, and it is available in the Help section of the Portal.

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