Host LIVE Showings From Your Phone!

ShowingTime LIVE Video equips agents with a solution to conduct LIVE video showings directly from the ShowingTime mobile app with the tap of a button, enabling their clients to participate in showings from the comfort of their homes. It simplifies the process by giving agents and your clients one common platform for LIVE video showings to promote interaction, while also giving you complete control over participant settings.

While ShowingTime LIVE Video is available at no additional cost until September 1st, it will become an add-on subscription cost after that. ShowingTime has not set that cost yet but they expect it to be $10/month or less.

Want to try it out free until September 1st? Click here to download the ShowingTime LIVE Video Quick Start Guide. Or check out this recorded webinar that walks you through how to use this ShowingTime feature. 

Configure Your Listings for Virtual Showings in ShowingTime 

With ShowingTime’s latest release, listing agents can now configure their listings for 1) Virtual Appts Only 2) In-Person and Virtual Appts or 3) In-Person Appts Only. This setting can be configured per listing by choosing from a drop-down menu on each listing’s setup worksheet, or agents can choose a setting for all their listings in their user profile.

When Virtual Appts Only is selected, the access details for the home are intentionally hidden from the buyer’s agent. They remain in the account should you decide to switch the listing back to allow In-Person Appts, but are not visible for Virtual Appts Only since no one will be accessing the home.

Notes added by the listing agent are highlighted for easy visibility by the buyer’s agent and include information on how the virtual showing will happen. When using the ShowingTime app, agents can easily share these notes by tapping the newly added ‘share’ button and sending the information via text or email.

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New ShowingTime Appointment Type Now Available: Virtual Showing

ShowingTime has added a new appointment type, Virtual Showing, for showing agents to use when requesting a showing. By selecting this option, the showing agent is indicating to the listing agent that their client would prefer a virtual showing of the property. The showing agent can also add a note for the listing agent indicating which streaming video technology they prefer to use for the showing (FaceTime, Zoom, etc.).

Reference ShowingTime’s Virtual Showing Guide for help getting started and for more information on virtual showings, check out their resource page.

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Have you been thinking about conducting virtual showings on your listings? ShowingTime has put together a helpful resource on how you can use live streaming services in tandem with ShowingTime.

Click this link for the ShowingTime resource web page that includes instructional videos and a link to download a brief instructional guideline. Below is one of the videos on how to use Zoom with ShowingTime.

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Do you wonder how the current pandemic situation is affecting showings activity? ShowingTime has created a chart showing the Impact of COVID-19 on Real Estate Showings in North America.

This chart is updated daily and is based on their top 100 markets, including NorthstarMLS. They plan to eventually post regional versions of the chart. But according to ShowingTime, so far the indicators are pretty even nationwide.

Reminder, our rule requiring availability for showings on Active listings has been suspended until further notice (as long as you disclose it in Public Remarks).

NorthstarMLS continues to operate at full availability and support.

Check out these five time-saving features you can do from anywhere you have your tablet or smartphone handy on the ShowingTime mobile app.

1. Sync Showings to Your Mobile Calendar
Never worry about missing your next appointment, or spending time trying to find the information you need! With a few taps, you can sync your showing schedule straight to your phone’s calendar.

Here’s How: Click on “My Profile & Settings,” then scroll down to “Calendar Sync.”

2. Easily Manage Feedback
From the app, you can both request feedback from showing agents and respond to showing feedback requests. You don’t have to worry about yourself or other agents forgetting about feedback that could potentially be important to sell the listing.

Here’s How: Visit “Feedback” on the main page, where all inbound and outbound requests can be managed. Watch our video on leaving feedback with the app.

3. Give Your Sellers Access
An app just for your clients! My Home by ShowingTime, which can be used to confirm showings, view feedback you’ve approved, review their home’s listing activity, contact you, view upcoming showings and more.

Here’s How: When you tag your client to a listing, they will receive an email inviting them to download the My Home app.

4. View Reports
You don’t need to worry about being at your desktop computer – you can view listing activity reports right from your mobile device. This can be very helpful when you need some in-depth information in short order.

Here’s How: From the main page, scroll down to “Reports” and select a listing.

5. Search for Listings to Show
Sometimes you may find yourself waiting in the car or perhaps waiting at a listing. You might have to make a quick lunch stop. With the ShowingTime mobile app, you can fill the time by searching for listings from wherever you are. Even down time can be productive!

If you haven’t downloaded the ShowingTime app to your mobile device, get it now! You get instant access to your showings, feedback, reports and more.

My Home by ShowingTime — improve your seller’s experience!

My Home by ShowingTime is now available for clients working with NorthstarMLS subscribers/agents. With My Home, sellers will now enjoy an improved experience — no matter what device they are using: desktop, mobile or tablet. The new modern user interface, intuitive navigation, messaging and streamlined workflow make it easy for sellers to use My Home to manage showings and feedback on their property.

Share My Home App with Your Clients Now!
Share the free My Home app by ShowingTime, where your sellers can easily manage showings and feedback on their listings all in one place. Available on iOS and Android. Sellers using the old ShowingTime app will see these updates with these improvements on their devices once they’ve installed the update.

Here’s a quick Seller’s Guide to My Home by ShowingTime.

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With the ShowingTime mobile app, you can quickly leave feedback from a showing appointment right from your mobile device. 

The quick video below walks you through how it’s done!

If you haven’t downloaded the ShowingTime app to your mobile device, get it now! You get instant access to your showings, feedback, reports and more.

ShowingTime Archive Want to check out older ShowingTime content? Click here to view the archive of previous ShowingTime news, articles, and other content on the NorthstarMLS Blog & Archive.

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ShowingTime Font Size

Want to adjust the font size for the ShowingTime mobile app? ShowingTime offers a font size for everyone's eyes!

The ShowingTime app taps into your phone's native font size options to match the preferences you set on your device, like in the screen shot below. You'll just have to use your device's Font Size Settings to adjust the size to your liking and it will enable that size in the ShowingTime app. 

For iPhone/iPad

  1. Go to Settings > Display & Brightness > Text Size.
  2. Drag the slider to select the font size you want.

For Android Devices

  1. Open your device's Settings app 
  2. Tap Accessibility, then tap Font size
  3. Use the slider to choose your font size

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Life happens, and you or your client may need to occasionally cancel showing appointments. As a courtesy to sellers, it’s important to formally cancel, even if the decision to not go into the home is made last minute by your client. It’s fast and easy to cancel using the ShowingTime mobile app with just a few taps. This quick video explains how it’s done! If you haven’t downloaded the ShowingTime app to your mobile device, get it now! You get instant access to your showings, feedback, reports and more.
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