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Photo Copyright FAQs

As announced yesterday, NorthstarMLS is taking actions to strengthen listing photo and data copyrights.  As described in that announcement, part of that process (when new listings are entered) is to record whether a NorthstarMLS subscriber took the photos and wrote the

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Listing Photos & Remarks Notice

IMPORTANT NOTICE Did a NorthstarMLS subscriber in your office take your listing photos? Write the Agent/Public/Financial Remarks? Starting very soon, these are questions you (or your office input staff) must answer each time you upload photos and Agent/Public/Financial Remarks to a listing

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Tip of the Week for 2/3

Stand Out With Photo Captions Are you including photo captions with your listings on NorthstarMLS Matrix? Captions can be added to each photo that you upload and can help make your listing photos more enticing. Quality captions enhance the details

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Winter Listing Photography Tips Pt. 3

Are you using your smartphone to capture your listing photos? In Part 3 of our ‘Winter Listing Photography Tips’, Teresa Boardman and John Walsh discuss why using a phone to snap listing photos may be convenient for agents, but it’s

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Winter Listing Photography Tips Pt. 2

In Part 2 of our ‘Winter Listing Photography Tips’, Teresa Boardman and John Walsh discuss some challenges with shooting listing photos in the snow, how to grab a homebuyer’s attention with seasonal photos and tips for keeping your camera equipment

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Winter Listing Photography Tips (Pt. 1)

While the weather outside may be frightful, winter can offer some wonderful photo opportunities and snow covered landscapes that can help make your listings more inviting and relevant during the winter months. We sat down with John Walsh and Teresa

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Photo Contest Winners!

WINNERS HAVE BEEN SELECTED! The first-ever NorthstarMLS Listing Photo Contest has ended. Thanks to all who entered and shared their listing photos! We received 200+ photos from over 100 participants. There were many captivating photos submitted, which made the judging

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More Listing Photography Tips

Local real estate agents and photography professionals John Walsh and Teresa Boardman share more of their listing photography tips in the second installment of “MLS Listing Photography Quick Tips.” Click here to watch Part 2 (Video length: 2 minutes 38

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Listing Photography Quick Tips

The spring market is upon us and the cold weather seems to be finally fizzling out. Now that the snow has melted, leaves are starting to form and the grass is greening. It’s a good time to snap pictures of

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Rules Roundup: Photos Required

Property Photo Required  Property photos enhance the value of your listing to potential buyers, other agents and the abundance of websites that will display your listing. Photos are required for ALL listings except: Lots and Land, Under Construction, To Built/Floor

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