WCAR Merging MLS Ops with NorthstarMLS

We are very pleased to announce that the West Central Association of Realtors (WCAR) is merging its MLS operations with NorthstarMLS. All WCAR members (approximately 400) will use NorthstarMLS as their primary MLS. Based in Willmar, WCAR serves real estate professionals, and includes listings, throughout west central and southern Minnesota.

As with the upcoming NorthstarMLS and SEMR MLS Operations merger, members and subscribers of both organizations will see many benefits.

  • Agents and appraisers (and their clients) will have access to all listings in our combined region, including offers of cooperation and compensation.
  • Brokers, agents and appraisers belonging to two Associations to access both WCAR and NorthstarMLS listings will now be able to access all listings through a single Association membership, saving costs and eliminating the overhead of double listing input into two systems.
  • New MLS data fields and enhanced existing fields to accommodate greater Minnesota needs and benefiting all NorthstarMLS users.
  • Greater cooperation between brokers and agents across the State, directly benefiting buyers and sellers.
  • Another positive example to all Associations in the State of how well greater collaboration between MLS’s benefits all brokers and agents, whether through participation in the Regional, or simply operating from a common data platform.

We are targeting mid to late January to complete the conversion of all WCAR members and their listings from their current MLS to NorthstarMLS. Watch for more details as we combine to make our markets work better!

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October MyFloodStatus Webinars

NorthstarMLS has partnered with MyFloodStatus, allowing you to order the most accurate flood reports in the industry, at a discounted rate.

Join the experts at MyFloodStatus for a 30-minute webinar specially scheduled for NorthstarMLS subscribers. Click here or on the graphic below to get signed up. Dates and times below. After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar.

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Have You Made Your Voice Heard Yet?

Over 3,000 NorthstarMLS subscribers have already made their voices heard by completing our quick, annual 2-question survey.

Have you made your voice heard in 2018? NorthstarMLS staff and Board members read every survey comment to help plan the focus of resources for 2019. Participate in this planning effort–evaluate NorthstarMLS and help make it better–we want your opinion!

Now is your final chance, as our survey closes after Sunday, October 21. Just 60 seconds or less to respond.

Four randomly drawn respondents will win a Target store gift card of $100 (2 of them, 2 different winners), $75 & $50.

Answer the two quick questions now


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A Message from Your Leadership

Watch this quick and important message from your leadership regarding the upcoming NorthstarMLS and SEMR MLS operations merge.

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BPP Leaders

In under 2 minutes, these brokers explain (in the video below) why Broker Public Portal with Homesnap is such an asset to the real estate industry in a world of portals run by third parties selling advertisements. BPP leads go direct to the List Agent at no additional cost. This tool also connects you with your existing contacts and is available to you as a core NorthstarMLS service at no extra charge. If you are not already using it, learn how!

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Target Store Shopping Spree!

ONE MINUTE of your time could win you up to a $100 Target Store Shopping Spree!

Who doesn’t love Target? The place you go to pick up something quick and come out with a full cart.

Take just one minute to complete the 2-question, annual NorthstarMLS survey, and you will be entered into a random drawing to win one of four Target gift cards: $100 (2 of them, 2 different winners), $75 or $50.

But even more importantly, you will make your voice heard.

NorthstarMLS staff and Board members read every survey comment to help plan the focus of resources for 2019 Participate in this planning effort–evaluate NorthstarMLS and help make it better–we want your opinion!

Answer the two quick questions now

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Remine Mobile App Now Available

NorthstarMLS core Service Remine (predictive analytics using Big Data) is now available as a smartphone app! If you’d like a walk-through of Remine Mobile, there will be a webinar on Wednesday, Oct. 3 at Noon. Sign up here.

Some of the features available with the new app:

  • Use the live map or search bar to search the areas where you do business.
  • Filter properties to narrow down your searches to the properties that best fit your criteria.
  • Draw shapes around areas you want to track.
  • Track properties and people to get email updates.
  • Utilize the predictive analytics of our Buy and Sell Scores.
  • View all on and off market property data, including photos and public record information.
  • Chat with other NorthstarMLS agents.

See the Remine Mobile User Guide for more information and check out this preview video of the Remine app.

How to Download the Remine App
In the Apple App Store or Google Play Store, search for Remine, and download the app. When you open the app, you’ll be prompted for your MLS email and ID. Even if you’re already a registered Remine user, we must confirm your identity, since the app is publicly available to download. After you follow the steps to identify yourself in the app, you can log in like usual, using your NorthstarMLS credentials.

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Tell NorthstarMLS What You Think

At NorthstarMLS, we have two quick questions to ask you. If you could please take just 60 seconds or less to respond, you will:

  • Show NorthstarMLS where you think it should focus its resources in 2019.
  • Make your voice heard on the MLS issues that are important to you.
  • Possibly win a Target store shopping spree. At the close of the survey, we will randomly draw participants to win a $100, $75, $50 or $25 Target gift card.

Answer the two quick questions now


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SEMR & NorthstarMLS Merger Signing Video

Below is a brief highlight video from the official SEMR/NorthstarMLS MLS operations merger signing that took place on Monday, September 17. Watch the video to hear about the importance of this agreement in the words of the Association Board Presidents and NorthstarMLS President/CEO.

You can also check out photos from the signing here.

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Authentisign Update

Effective today, all Authentisign users (both NorthstarMLS subscribers and their clients), will be required to check a simple checkbox labeled “I’m not a robot” before each Authentisign document they open to sign. You will likely recognize this from other web applications as it has become a very common and effective strategy to increase security and ensure the app is dealing with an actual user.

Instanet has put this checkbox in place to resolve a long-running issue for many users and their clients (especially those on Microsoft Office 365 and MSN email) that was causing very slow performance or inability to execute an e-signature.

All you (or your client) need to do is click (or tap) the check box to confirm “I’m not a robot”. Once you’ve checked the box, you’ll be taken to the same signing page as you’re used to seeing.

Below is a screen shot of the new check box that takes effect today:

If you have questions or issues, contact our Help Desk at help@northstarmls.com or 651-251-5456 (toll free 1-877-251-5455), M-F, 8:00 to 5:00.

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