Client Portal Sort Fixed

Last night, our Matrix vendor released an update that fixed the listings sort in the Client Portal. Before the fix, if you had a search with geocodes (lat/lon) in your search criteria, usually from a map search, the new and updated listings were not sorting to the top of the list. This has been corrected. We apologize for the delay. The issue was more complex than they expected.

We continue to work with the vendor on ways to better integrate the old single line display into the new client portal and will let you know when we have updates.

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Tip of the Week for 12/11


Increase Your Productivity with the ShowingTime app!

Being able to accomplish work-related tasks on the go leads to a 23% increase in productivity, according to several recent studies. Even if you prefer to schedule showings in your office using the ShowingTime desktop platform, the mobile app can help you complete tasks while you are with clients or between meetings. Here are just a few of the things you can check off your list while on the go:

  • Update showing instructions on your listings
  • Add a showing on behalf of another agent
  • Fill out a showing feedback form
  • Publish submitted feedback for your sellers. Auto-publish option is also available
  • Message an agent or seller directly from the ‘Appointment Details’ screen
  • Search listings on NorthstarMLS

Haven’t tried the ShowingTime mobile app? It’s available for iOS and Android devices. Download the app here.

Submit Your Own Tip! Do you have a question that you would like to see featured a Tip of the Week? Or maybe you have your own tip you would like to share with other NorthstarMLS users. Send your question or idea to We will use one submission each month and the winner will receive a $30 Caribou Coffee gift card!

Tips Archive Want to check out older Tip of the Week topics? Click here to view an archive of previous Tip of the Week entries.

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December Homesnap Webinars



Homesnap 101 – Brand New Users
Friday, Dec. 8, 9am to 10:30am 

The first 15 minutes of this webinar are dedicated to signing into the app as a real estate agent, creating a password and placing your photo in it. You will also learn about listings and search, sharing, messaging, setting the agent only safety timer, how to create a 5-minute Rapid CMA, inviting your sphere into Homesnap, best use agent tips and more. Please make sure that you have downloaded the app titled Homesnap from the App Store (iPhone) or Play Store (Android) prior to this webinar. There is time allotted at the beginning and at the end for additional questions.
Click here to register.

Homesnap Pro Training 101
Wednesday, Dec. 27, 10am to 11am 

This is for users who have downloaded the Homesnap app already. This webinar will cover the basics of using Homesnap as a Homesnap Pro user. You will learn about listings and search, inviting your clients into Homesnap, how to create a 5-minute Rapid CMA and how to see the transaction history of the agent that you’re dealing with, and more.
Click here to register.

Homesnap Advanced User
Wednesday, Dec. 27, 12pm to 1pm 

This webinar will cover more advanced features of using Homesnap as a Homesnap Pro agent from an agent to agent perspective. You will learn tips on using the app with Buyers and Sellers and a more in depth look into snapping, favoriting and sharing listings, messaging, customizing backend marketing, social media sharing and marketing and more.
Click here to register.

Download the App
If you’re not already using the Homesnap Pro app and would like to give it a try, head over to the App Store or Google Play on your mobile device and download it. Through the Broker Public Portal initiative, your clients can download and use the app, too!

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Wisconsin Forms Notice

Effective immediately, all Wisconsin Forms are permanently removed from Instanet through NorthstarMLS. Any of these forms that you have already used and saved in the past will remain in your saved transactions and will not be deleted.  We are only removing the blank forms from the forms library and templates. Also, if your broker maintains its own set of Wisconsin forms in your broker forms library, those will not be removed.

We have removed the Wisconsin forms because:

  • The Wisconsin forms available on Instanet have always been incomplete. The Wisconsin Realtors Association (WRA) will not license their forms to Instanet. We have only been able to include those forms available through the Wisconsin Department of Safety and Professional Services which are a small subset of all the forms necessary for a practicing Realtor to do their job in Wisconsin.
  • For the forms we did provide in Instanet, we had no reliable way of knowing when important revisions were made, causing them to periodically go out-of-date and become not only unusable, but potentially a basis for professional liability. Unlike MN, in WI it violates licensing regulations to use old forms.
  • Agents licensed to do business in Wisconsin (who are members of WRA) have access to all Wisconsin Forms through ZipForms, exclusive licensor of the WRA forms.
  • NorthstarMLS forms are also available through ZipForms. This is the best source for complete and up-to-date Wisconsin forms.
  • The Wisconsin forms that we are removing from Instanet are available in PDF format on the website of the Wisconsin Department of Safety and Professional Services.
  • If you have any questions regarding Wisconsin forms, contact the Western Wisconsin Association of Realtors at or 715-381-4663.
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Did You Know?

Did you know that in 2017, the typical age of a buyer rose to 45 and the typical home seller was 55 years old? The National Association of Realtors® recently conducted its annual survey of recent home buyers and sellers provides insight into detailed information about their experiences with this important transaction.

The infographic below highlights some characteristics of buyers and sellers in 2017. If you want to read the entire NAR Buyer and Seller Profile report, click here.

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Matrix Emails

Don’t forget to Whitelist

You and your clients may have previously whitelisted (i.e. add to your list of safe senders in your email program) to ensure that any listings you email to clients via Matrix were successfully delivered.

Our system vendor has changed that sender email address to: This will make it easier for them to troubleshoot any issues in the future. Please ensure you and your clients whitelist this new address, particularly if your hear that your Matrix emails are not being received or are going into a SPAM folder.

If you have any questions, contact the NorthstarMLS Help Desk: 651-251-5456 (toll free 1-877-251-5455) or

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Tip of the Week for 11/27

Tip of the Week – Broker Marketing With Stats

Brokers can use Infosparks to have regular discussions about market stats and ways to make the most of the data. Analyze trends together in order to identify new and niche markets during weekly office meetings with your agents.

Stats can absolutely help explain brokerage progress (or, gulp, stagnation) by comparing the broker’s pending sales and new listings counts to the total market to help measure success.

Manage seller returns and buyer costs by using stats to generate ideas on where to increase showings and open houses, or use market metrics to forecast home prices and dollar volume.

The possibilities are as endless as the number of possible graphs you can make in Infosparks, which is about 40 quintillion per location per metric! Give it a try.

You can access Infosparks on the Matrix Home screen in the External Links box, or by clicking on the Infosparks link when viewing any listing in the MLS.

Submit Your Own Tip! Do you have a question that you would like to see featured a Tip of the Week? Or maybe you have your own tip you would like to share with other NorthstarMLS users. Send your question or idea to We will use one submission each month and the winner will receive a $30 Caribou Coffee gift card!

Tips On Demand Want to check out older Tip of the Week topics? Click here to view an archive of previous Tip of the Week entries.

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DPR Connect: Promote on Your Website

With Down Payment Connect, NorthstarMLS subscribers get their own personalized link to a custom landing page that invites homebuyers to fill out a form and see if they are eligible for down payment programs in our market. It can be a powerful lead-gen tool for agents and valuable service for first-time buyers.

As an agent, you can add the link to your website, email signature, social media and Facebook ad campaigns. The video below walks you through how to embed the link and use it as a marketing tool.

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Client Portal on Mobile Phones

The most significant update to NorthstarMLS Matrix 7.0 (which is now live), are the redesigned Client Portal displays. With Responsive Design, the new Client Portal will automatically adjust to optimally display listings on your client’s device.

Though many other MLS’s using Matrix completely eliminated their previous portal displays, NorthstarMLS insisted that they retain our previous portal displays too (though they are not responsive design). The “three dots icon” can be hidden if the user is holding their mobile phone vertically. Tilting the device to landscape view (best for viewing the single line display) will reveal the three dots icon for selecting those additional display options.

The animation below demonstrates how this works. Tapping on the three dots, highlighted in the red box, will open more display options to pick from.

Note: Users viewing listings in the Client Portal from an iPad or tablet should not encounter this, as the screen is larger than a mobile phone and is able to show more on the screen. Displays such as the Portal Single Line display are going to be best viewed on a desktop/laptop, but will work on a mobile device. However, this display does not support responsive design.

Client Portal Tutorial Video
Share our new and updated NorthstarMLS Client Portal video with your active clients.

Matrix Version 7.0 is now live. If you missed our announcements leading up to the release, check out this summary of the new features.

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Listing Links in ShowingTime

ShowingTime has added links from the MLS number in areas of ShowingTime back to the listing in NorthstarMLS Matrix both in the desktop version and ShowtingTime app. Clicking or tapping the link will direct you back to the property display of the listing in Matrix. No more having to open Matrix separately and search for the listing.

You will find listing links in the following locations (click each bullet point for a screen shot)

ShowingTime Archive Want to check out older ShowingTime content? Click here to view the archive of previous ShowingTime news, articles, and other content on the NorthstarMLS Blog & Archive.

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